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Embarking on a new year gives you the opportunity to let go of what is not serving you and to open yourself up to new possibility.  

Oprah’s august magazine issue says If you can’t love it, eat it, wear it, sleep with it, make peace with it, gain strength from it, find joy in it..the time has come to… let it go.  Does this phrase resonate for anything you need to let go of.. take a moment.  These are not necessarily material things.. but thoughts and behaviours as well.  And then when you let go to create some room, what is it you want to gain or open yourself up to.  This is an important task in our lives and although letting go can be done anytime.. the new year is a amazing time to do it.  

But how?

Our lives are full.  We live in a busy time.  We are connected in our society – a lot.  And this connection is integral between us and our friends, family, co-workers, lovers and neighbours as it creates a richness in our relationships.   However, this constant connection compromises our need for solitude and paradoxically, this state of being too connected causes feelings of isolation and loneliness, anxiety and fear, and an inability to see the present moment as it is.  

The author Michael Harris author of “Solitude- In Pursuit of a Singular Life in a Crowded World” says that, “Until recently, there were still moments in the day when the busyness abated and life’s pace decelerated. You would find yourself alone, separated from friends and colleagues, and you would be thrown back on your own resources, your own thoughts. Such interludes could provoke feelings of loneliness and boredom. Yet they also provided opportunities to tap into ideas, perceptions, and emotions inaccessible to the social self…. Now, those moments are being erased. With smartphone in hand, connectivity is continuous. We’re in a crowd even when we’re by ourselves. The chatter never ends; the rhythm never slows. Non-stop networking may feel invigorating, but we sacrifice much when we’re never alone. Solitude is refreshing. It strengthens memorysharpens awareness, and spurs creativity. It makes us calmermore attentiveclearer headed. Most important of all, it relieves the pressure of conformity. It gives us the space we need to discover the deepest sources of passion, enjoyment, and fulfillment in our lives. Being alone frees us to be ourselves—and that makes us better company when we rejoin the crowd.”

Perhaps, finding some time alone to clear your head and contemplate first will assist you in deciding what you need to let go of and then consequently what to begin and make room for.  It is those moments when we are clear that we make space to see what it is we actually want or need in our lives.  Jimmy Cliff wrote in his famous song – “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.  I can see all obstacles in my way, here is the rainbow i’ve been waiting for – its gonna be a bright sunshiny day”  

So, and even though it might be hard… come away from your smartphones and screens, your people and tasks and just sit.. just be… even for just a little while.