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Dan is a Canfitpro certified Personal Training Specialist with just under a decade of experience in conditioning, strength training & nutrition. Understanding that no client’s physiology is the same, he focuses on strengthening weak points and correcting imbalances, which modern living can bestow upon the human body. Actively learning new ways to reinvent exercises while utilizing the essential compound movements, makes his style of teaching fresh and unique.


During high school Dan was an obese teenager weighing 260 lbs, after being unsatisfied with his unhealthy lifestyle he decided to make a change. Joining a gym and investing in personal training was the turning point for a massive change. After dropping almost 100lbs Dan had a new lease on life, he quickly realized how fitness improved every aspect of his life, from new-found self-confidence to very strong self-discipline.

Training Characteristics:

Dan believes that deep down inside of everyone there is an urge to move, jump, run and play. Training should be fun and challenging at the same time. Coming from the same spot that most clients do, he understands that lack of motivation and self-confidence can be hard at times. This is why he exhibits a very creative and exciting approach to the way he works with his clients. He believes that the gym isn’t quite home, and isn’t quite work; but a place somewhere in between where self-improvement is made and lives are changed.


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