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Congratulations on your decision to pursue a more active, healthier, happier lifestyle. Consultations are available and recommended for all new Fitness FIrm members as well as current members of the club who are looking to update their program, improve their results and / or get a better picture of their current fitness level and joint mobility range. See our membership team if you have questions regarding our Fitness Consultation Program
The Annual Consultation program will provide you with comparative data and charts over 4 different assessments conducted every 90 days. There is no pass or fail. This consultation allows to set benchmark at first consultation and monitor progress over the course of a year. Value of annual consultation is $79.

The Initial Consultation will simply be a benchmark to determine the best possible plan to getting you to improved and optimal health. Value of initial consultation is $25 .

The 4 areas of assessment are:

1. Body Composition
2. Resting Heart Rate and Resting Blood Pressure
3. Functional Range Assessment
4. Strength Testing

Pre-consultation instructions :

  • Have a light snack 2-3 hours prior to your appointment
  • Come in exercise / workout attire, gym shoes.
  • Allow at least 90 minutes for your visit
  • Do not have chocolate, soft drinks, coffee, tea or cigarettes for 8 hours prior to your consultation
  • Do not have alcohol for 24 hours prior to your consultation
  • Do not exercise for 12 hours prior to your consultation

Please have sections A-E of your fitness consultation journal filled out (can be emailed to you or we will give you a printed copy)

A: Personal Fitness Profile/ History
B: Medical History
C: Nutrition and Wellness Profile
D: Lifestyle Habits
E: Results you wish to achieve

Upon completion of the consultation, your Consultant will provide with the appropriate recommendations for the successful achievement of your health and fitness goals.

**Please arrive 15 minutes early prior to your scheduled appointment.**

Stop by the front desk to book your consult today!

Do I have to follow the pre-consultation instructions?

In order for your assessment results to be accurate it is essential that you pay close attention to the instructions in your consultation journal or on the back of your temporary membership card. For instance the level of water in your system will affect the accuracy of your body composition reading. Caffeine will elevate your resting heart rate and will negatively effect your cardiovascular assessment and recovery score. In addition, if you exercise or are fatigued prior to your consultation, you will certainly not fair as well in terms of your strength and endurance results.

How can I ensure the best experience for my Fitness Consultation?

The first step is to ensure that your consultation journal is completed honestly and thoroughly. This will enable your Consultant to identify health risks, physical limitations as well as the key goals and areas you wish to focus on. Secondly, arriving at your appointment at least 15 – 20 minutes early, with your journal, so that you have time to change into your workout gear and be in the waiting area prior the arrival of your Consultant. Your Consultant will need the full hour and a half to go over your journal, complete the assessments, take you out onto the workout floor and then prepare your prescription. Keep an open mind and ask your Consultant to explain anything that you don’t understand or are unsure of. Make sure you receive the best possible recommendation to achieve your results and please take the time request and fill out our Consultation Review Form so we can better improve our services.

What happens if I miss my consultation appointment?

If you provide 24 hours notice you will not be charged for the service but you will have to rebook another appointment. Remember that you completed a waiver form when you registered with the club outlining this policy. Our Consultants make themselves available for the session and the club must pay them for their availability if you do not cancel with sufficient notice. The next time you visit the club your temporary membership card will be filled out by the club receptionist and a new expiry date will be entered to coincide with the new appointment. Remember you receive your permanent membership card once you’ve completed the consultation.

What if I’m not comfortable with a particular assessment?

Please let your Consultant know if there is any part of the assessment that you are unsure of or that makes you uncomfortable. You can opt out but in most cases our Consultant will explain the procedure and reason for the process to put you at ease. In some cases clients are unable to complete a step test for their cardiovascular assessment so a bike or treadmill will be used to accommodate the client’s needs.

Why are so many members using Personal Trainers, isn’t a program card good enough?

In many of our Pro-Fitness facilities close to 50% of the membership base has hired a Trainer for educational purposes or to train with them for life. Whether it’s for motivation, education, technique, safety, nutrition, or intensity, a Trainer can offer the best path to real long lasting results. Many or our members are tired of paying for a membership every year and not using it or getting results. They feel they need to invest in education to maximize the benefits of their membership. Fitness is constantly evolving and Trainers are required to stay on the cutting edge in terms of upgrading their certifications and knowledge base. We use other professionals like accountants, lawyers, doctors and mechanics in other areas of our life, so when it comes to fitness it makes sense to work with a pro.

Why is it necessary to do four consultations? Isn’t one enough?

Although one consultation is good start to find out where you stand in terms of your level of fitness and your exercise knowledge, it is only a starting point. There is no pass or fail but simply a benchmark to see where you are starting from and where you should be going. Having one assessment without anything to compare it to takes away from the total value of the service. Isn’t it nice to know that your training efforts and the program you are using are actually getting you to your goals? And if they’re not, wouldn’t you want to have someone readjust your program or at least put you back on track. It’s easy to plateau and your scale at home is not usually the best way to indicate how you are doing.



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