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“How are you”?   The most common question!!

“So busy” or “there’s just not enough hours in the day”  are the most common answers.

We live in a day and age where we feel as though we have to get so much done in one day.  Between work, family, house work, and social events, is there really any time left for our physical health?

YES!!!!  Say good bye to long boring workouts to get rid of body fat, improve overall health and feel good.  Say hello to more efficient, high intensity workouts to do the job.  The key Include compound moves that target multiple muscles at one time.

Here’s what the research is saying to let go of in your gym routine.

  1. Long periods of cardio. People believe that walking on the treadmill or the elliptical for long periods of time will reduce their body fat. While endurance based exercise (which includes treadmill type machines) is beneficial for the cardiovascular system, it is not optimal for reduction of body fat.  Implementing fast sprints or vigorous bouts of cardio plays a big role in reducing body fat.  LESS IS MORE


  1. “I want to tone my muscles” is another common saying in the gym. While toning is possible with light weights and high repetitions, the key to burning fat and building muscle is overload.  To see a change in your physique, one needs to use heavy weights (relative to your capability) to produce muscle stimulation and growth and then boost metabolism to lose the body fat.  A concise consistent resistance training program 3x per week can do the job.  Losing the body fat is the KEY to reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and improving overall health.


  1. Reducing belly fat with ab exercises. IF this was as simple as exercise, wouldn’t all women have flat tummies and men have six packs?  Strong, lean abs come from good nutrition and exercise programs that reduce body fat – resistance training and vigorous bouts of cardio!!


  1. Choosing high energy, high calorie sports drinks. These drinks are full of sugar which your body may store as fat.  Water is the best source of hydration before, during and even after your workout.  Unless you are an athlete doing 2 or more hours of exercise daily.


Choose a well- balanced fitness routine of warm up, stretching and strengthening exercises.  In a place that you enjoy doing a sport or routine that you enjoy.  That way, you’re in it for the long term.