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The Fitness Firm is going 24 hrs on July 6, 2018.

You will need a fob, which is a plastic key that lets you in the door to the gym. This fob will give you access to the gym through the front and back doors 24/7, even during serviced desk hours. Instead of bringing your card or signing in – you will require your fob every time you attend the gym. We are hoping to have the fobs and doors working by next week, however, we are keeping our current desk hours the same until July 6th at which point serviced desk hours will change to:

· Monday – Thursday 8 am – 8 pm

· Fridays – 8 am – 5 pm

· Saturdays – 7:30 – 1 pm

· Sundays – 8 – noon

Fobs will be available to all members beginning Friday June 22. We will ask for your photo as well to apply to your profile here at the club.

You will have 2 weeks to get your fob in your hands to access the gym outside of the new serviced desk hours and of course during serviced desk hours after July 6th.

Thank you,

Kerri and Kelvin

General rules/ guidelines that apply to our new 24hr / fob system

1. You as a member need a fob every time you attend the gym. There will no longer be any use for membership cards.

2. Serviced desk hours have decreased. We have installed security cameras to monitor club usage. Sneaking in friends is not permitted and considered an offence.

3. Fobs are free for current members. Fobs are $10 for all new members. There is a $10 replacement fee for all misplaced fobs.

4. Please note that the following services will be available ONLY during these serviced hours:

· Membership / program registration and changes to membership status

· Short term Membership renewals

· RMT and Nutrition Appointments made and/ or changed

· Smoothies

5. Students under 16 yrs can use the club ONLY during serviced desk hours.

6. Guests of members are permitted to use the club ONLY during serviced desk hours.

7. 3 and 7 day pass promotional guests are permitted to use the club only during serviced desk hours.

8. Class pass holders are encouraged to use classes only during serviced desk hours. New class passes can be purchased during serviced desk hours.