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I was discussing donuts with a member at the gym last week.  He said to me “if you find a healthy donut, let me know”… well I went on a search.  That following weekend, I had the opportunity to try a Chia Power Donut from the ‘Oh She Glows’ cookbook.  It was delicious.  I do have a sweet tooth so can admit it wasn’t as sweet but that’s the idea right?

When I compare the nutrition information from an old fashioned or honey dip “Tim’s” donut to this, the calories are not very different, even the total sugar isn’t that different.  However, you can taste the wholesome flavours and experience the density in texture in the Chia Power donut as it is much higher in fibre and protein because of the oat flour and chia seeds.  This donut has 7 g of fibre per donut, 2 g of protein and I believe you could get away with putting in less maple syrup to decrease the 12g of sugar per donut to 8g.  If you’ve got 10 minutes of prep time, make these donuts for special occasions, your weekend breakfast as a replacement of toast and in addition to greek yogurt or snacks for the kids.  They are yummy and will fill you up!!