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I have been exercising regularly, since 1962 when I started university.  In 1968 I was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident and am alive today because I was in good physical condition.  Subsequently  regular exercise became more important as a part of my recovery and return to a normal life.

In October 2008 I joined The Fitness Firm. I did not need other facilities such as tennis courts or a pool. The Fitness Firm fit the bill. It offers exercise machines, free weights, aerobic classes. and personal trainers.  It is 24 hrs so I could exercise before going to work and have been exercising 3 to 5 days a week since then. The morning group are a friendly but dedicated bunch of people. Initially, I used a personal trainer once a week. He set up a routine, checked to ensure I was doing the exercises correctly and changed my routine periodically.

My fitness routine has enabled me to continue to downhill ski at resorts like Lake Louise and to sail. Both sports are much safer and more enjoyable because I am exercising regularly. I injured my shoulders sailing, needed physiotherapy, and as part of my recovery engaged Siobhan, one of the personal trainers to create an exercise routine. Her insistence on doing the exercises correctly enabled me to avoid surgery to regain good shoulder function.

Last winter I broke three ribs and re-injured my shoulders. I continued exercising but knew I needed professional help. I met Matt, a trainer and registered massage therapist, who provided active release therapy and an exercise routine. He too insists that exercise be performed correctly.  His therapy and exercises are returning my shoulders to more normal functioning, although I may need surgery to correct them completely.

I have recommended the Fitness Firm to a friend and will continue to recommend it to anybody who wants to exercise. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and keenly interested in improving the fitness of their clients. I’ll be exercising regularly at the Fitness Firm for many years to come.