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Osteopathy is great for back pain!

Research shows that osteopaths are highly qualified to assess, treat, and manage back pain.
There are many causes of back pain. Most often it is due to inflamed joints or muscles in the spine or pelvis that may have resulted from an injury or functional adaptation over time from repetitive strains or sprains to the spine, pelvis or hips. Back pain can also be due to arthritis or disc injury/degeneration which can cause swelling around the nerves giving the typical or atypical back pain, leg pain (like sciatica), or numbness and tingling in the leg.
Osteopathy treatment for lower back pain is effective for not only symptoms but also addressing the root cause. It is a very gentle technique which is well tolerated by the patient. Whether it is acute, severe pain, or chronic long-term issues, clients are taken to a balance point to help them avoid exacerbating the pain. Apart from treating the spine, the osteopath will treat other areas of the body that are causing compensatory problems for the spine.
Receiving an osteopathic treatment is done with comfortable loose clothing and can resemble a stretching massage.

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