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Goal Setting: What is Realistic?

Goal setting is the most important part of being successful. In any aspect, setting a good goal can have life changing results. Even with complete devotion and maximum effort, it is tricky to have efficient direction and focus without an attainable goal. In order to set a clear, manageable and realistic objective, the Fitness Firm recommends the SMART goal setting system.

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time. Setting a specific goal is so important to know exactly what you are going to accomplish. It is okay to start out with a general goal, but be sure to narrow your focus! If your goal is to get in shape, don’t stop your planning there. Getting “in shape” is a big, vague, general statement that can be interpreted many ways. Clear your mind and zone in on your goal by choosing a specific objective like losing body fat or running a faster 5k. Choose a goal that is exciting and motivating when you envision the end result! These goals can both be made more specific and measurable by adding numbers. Planning a measurable goal allows you to create benchmarks for your plan and keep track of your progress. For example, instead of my goal being to run a 5k, I can plan to be able to run 5k in under 30 minutes by July 30, 2019. Now I can break up my goal into smaller, more manageable chunks and make sure I am hitting each milestone. It is also crucial to keep goal setting attainable. If I have never even put on running shoes before, running a 5k in under 30minutes may not be possible with only two months of training. You know yourself best. Choose something challenging, but not impossible. Feel free to ask one of our Personal Trainers at the Firm if you need help determining the difficulty level of your goal! Relevancy also plays a major role in effective goal planning. Your goal should align with YOU and the other aspects of your life. It wouldn’t be very easy for a mom of five to stick to a plan of spending 3 hours a day in the gym. Pick a goal that makes sense for your life! The last step of the SMART principle is picking a time bound goal. Working with a deadline holds you accountable for your progress and creates a sense of urgency to meet your objective. Use SMART Goals Worksheet below to get started on the new you!


INITIAL Write the goal you have in mind
S What do you want to accomplish? Who needs to be included? When do you want to do this? Why is this a goal?
M How can you measure progress and know if you’ve successfully met your goal?
A Do you have the skills required to achieve the goal? If not, can you obtain them? What is the motivation for this goal? Is the amount of effort required on par with what the goal will achieve?
R Why am I setting this goal now? Is it aligned with overall objectives?
T What’s the deadline and is it realistic?
SMART Review what you have written, and craft a new goal statement based on what the answers to the questions above have revealed


Crafting S.M.A.R.T. Goals are designed to help you identify if what you want to achieve is realistic and determine a deadline. When writing S.M.A.R.T. Goals use concise language, but include relevant information. These are designed to help you succeed, so be positive when answering the questions.


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