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What to expect in Shanti’s Yoga Teacher Training at The Fitness Firm

This is a multidimensional approach to learning, based on the teachings of the great philosophical masters and yoga teachers; past and present.  The approach is of an experimental and experiential nature. This course is intense, exciting, unexpected; a surge of heart and spirit, that could change your outlook on life for years to come. 


Learn how to release expectations and open up to what is

Discover your own thinking patterns that created the life path you are on.  Learn how to shift your thinking and create new patterns, new paths.

Develop a deep understanding of the process of discovery.  Understand the value of this process, as opposed to focusing on the final goal. 

Understanding of Space: inner, outer, elemental, psycho-spiritual, symbolic, heart space.  When we are aware of Space, everything that happens in that space changes in its meaning.

What is preventing you from being content and happy ? 

Functional anatomy

Energy systems

Principals of alignment

Asana and sequences



Managing group dynamics

Discover your unique style of teaching; as unique as you are. 

Lots of hands-on teaching practice

Personal time with YTT teachers when required.

This course is an exciting opportunity to learn about yourself and yoga teaching.  You are supported in your process 100 percent of the way, as at times it might feel challenging.  The challenge is in SEEING, in your willingness to SEE yourself; first and foremost and to see your place in this world.  Come and discover You.

Feel free to join us for an information evening to meet and greet the yoga instructors/ teachers on September 11, 2019 at 8:15 pm if you have questions and/or would like to see our space.

For more information on our YTT program, click here   Yoga Teacher Training