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Walking onto the gym floor can be intimidating. All of the different pieces of equipment and machines can be overwhelming! The next step of your workout can also be scary: the process of making a plan and deciding what you are going to train that day. The final and most important part of your gym experience isn’t much easier… actually working out and completing each exercise correctly and safely! Although we live in a digital age where an endless supply of information is a click away, online fitness education can be overwhelming and inconsistent. Not to mention, it can be difficult to determine the credibility of these sources. This is why at the Fitness Firm, we strongly recommend the use of a personal trainer!

One of the most substantial differences you will notice at the Firm is that our members and staff are family. We care about you and are truly very focused on your health and your progress. Leaving you feeling lost and uninspired is a disservice. We want you to leave the gym each time feeling better, happier and definitely sweatier! The best way to accomplish this goal is by having an educated, experienced expert alongside you throughout your fitness journey. It is proven that personal training creates faster, better and longer lasting results. Our personal trainers don’t want you to dread or fear coming to the gym. They want to help to create the best experience possible for you! The first step in your personal training is to book a Starter Kit with our very own Kwesi Millington. A Starter Kit will help you establish your goals, baseline fitness level and current measurements. It is so important to know where you start so we can plan your success!

The benefits of personal training are endless. Having a trainer guide your program will result in more success in reaching your goals AND help instill fitness as a lifelong habit. It is also much safer and productive to have a trainer watching and correcting your form. Come into the Firm today to meet your new trainer!

From now until August 31, 2019, we are offering NEW personal training clients an introductory package of 6 sessions for $299.  Contact [email protected] to learn more about this limited time offer.