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Gluteus medius muscle, often referred to as the “glute med”

Attachment points: Outer surface of ilium — > greater trochanter of femur

Action: Hip abduction, external and internal rotation

Importance: The gluteus medius muscle is one of 3 gluteal muscles that work on the hip. The primary role of the gluteus medius muscle is to provide multi-planner stabilization to the hip and pelvis. In order to do this the muscle needs to have adequate strength to take on the demands the body and environment places on it.

Common Injuries: While the gluteus medius is not often injured, a lack of strength in this muscle can be the source of many other injuries. These injuries include, but are not limited to, low back pain, knee pain, ankle pain and balance problems.

Curious on how to strengthen your gluteus medius to prevent these injuries and many more? Or worried about an old or new pain at these joints but are unsure of the source of this pain? Come down to The Fitness Firm where our Personal Trainers can thoroughly evaluate the strength of your gluteus medius or book an appointment with our injury rehabilitation specialists.

Written by:

Certified Athletic Therapist and Personal Trainer

Jeremy Wade CAT(c)