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At The Fitness Firm, members are encouraged to purchase a Starter Plan before beginning a program or working with a personal trainer. The starter plan includes not only a body composition assessment, but also a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) where results are provided by a Functional Movement Certified Specialist.

The FMS is a comprehensive assessment of your movement capability when it comes to performing everyday tasks. Invented in 1997, Gray Cook and Lee Burton, the founders of the screen, wanted to come up with a test that would determine movement deficiency and uncover asymmetry in the body. They wanted this apply not only just for fitness purposes, but also for everyday activities and movement. The theory was that if movement deficiency, asymmetry and imbalances are uncovered before any exercise was performed, injury could be prevented and clients could be taught to move optimally not only in the gym, but in their personal lives as well. 

Enter the Functional Movement Screen

The screen itself is comprised of 7 movements that test a person’s balance, mobility and stability. When the results of the screen are analyzed by a certified facilitator, you as the client will learn what exercises should be avoided, and what should be included in a program – think of it as preventative maintenance. Placing exercise and performance on top of dysfunctional movement can impair performance and cause injury, which is exactly what we want to prevent. The tests require a balance of mobility and stability, and once completed, gives the client and their trainer a great starting point for creating a smart and personalized program.

By booking a Starter Plan, you are ensuring that you start your fitness journey with a baseline that you and your trainer can use to move with purpose, on purpose, and without pain or injury. Furthermore, by signing up for the Annual Starter Plan, you will not only receive the baseline results of your screen, but you will also be able to measure your results quarterly to mark and measure your improvement in movement!

With organizations from around the world such as the Navy Seals, professional sports teams from the NHL, NBA and NFL using the FMS system as a foundational test for athletes, the results are proven. Whether you want to squat down to pick up your children, carry your groceries to the car, or even climb a flight of stairs without effort or pain, the Functional Movement Screen included in the Starter Plan is highly recommended in your first step on your journey to greater health and mandatory for new clients beyond 55 years.