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My professional career journey involved teaching in a Montessori setting for 16 years. I have always embraced wellness and have a passion for yoga, strength training and fitness. I believe in the importance of kindness to ourselves and all living things. Life has taught me that health and wellness must come first in order to achieve balance.

For the past 15 years I have enjoyed finding balance in my life through attending a range of group fitness classes, working with personal trainers at The Fitness Firm and attending yoga retreats and workshops.  A paradigm shift occurred when I began to pursue a new relationship with my body through nutrition which led me to become a holistic nutritionist.  My passion for fitness led me to become a Hatha and Restorative yoga instructor.  Strength training and mobility were integral to my abilities to achieve these goals, so much so, that I began to want to share this knowledge and experience with others as a personal trainer.


Certified Can Fit Pro Personal Trainer

Hatha YTT200 and Restorative yoga teacher

C.N.P. (Certified Nutritional Practitioner)

AMI Montessori teaching certificate from the Foundation for Montessori Education.

BASc. in ECE from the University of Guelph



To guide clients toward a balanced and active lifestyle that begins with a positive mindset toward health and wellness.  In each session, I encourage you to come as you are, be at ease in your body and follow your breath. Feel your muscles work and your mind focus.

Realize your full potential as we work through joint mobility, dynamic stretching, strength training, cardiovascular training and static stretching specific to your goals.   Join me for creative personal training sessions. Let’s achieve your fitness and wellness goals one step at time.