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Eleanor Chandler


Group Fitness Instructor

Spin Instructor

I had no previous athletic training until the age of 37 after my third son turned four and I had two hours free to myself. I was overweight, had been up and down most of my life and the heaviest weight was 172 lbs. of fat. I also smoked since I was in my teens up to two packs a day. I ate whatever I could grab that was quick because life was busy with three boys, two dogs and an almost full time job.

I decided to take charge of my life and set a good example for my family. I started walk/jogging for an hour, lessening the amount of walking until I was only running. I started in October and by June ran my first 10km. Race and placed third in my age. A group asked me to join them on the weekends to run and the distance was 15 miles. I built up my mileage and by September I starting running with them and the runs each week were getting longer. At 23 miles I said what are we doing and they told me that we were running the Chicago Marathon at the end of October. Within a year I did my first marathon and qualified for Boston, did that one in April after Around the Bay and then that year we did eight marathons. The idea was each marathon you ran, you had to finish with a qualifying time for Boston and I always did, but only did Boston four times. I have done most of the large city marathons and New York was one of my favorites.

I joined a gym to workout with weights for my upper body, started spinning and loved it. I then got my certification with Johnny G or Mad Dog Spinning, that was about 16 years ago and have not stopped. I had stopped running for about six years because I had severe osteoarthritis in my knee and needed a knee replacement. After having the surgery this past fall with great success, I was back teaching after five weeks and have even run on the treadmill.

At my first gym, I also got my ACE personal training certification through McMaster University. I trained clients at the gym. This was not as fulfilling for me, so I went back to only spin instructing, and running clinics for 10km. And 5 km. I loved this and to see these people go on to run marathons was exciting for me.

I know through experience what it is like to be unhealthy, injured, and pushed to the limit and because of this I am very strong. I also know how I prefer to feel and this is it for me. I am happy because I am doing what I love and I am who I am meant to be because I am fit.


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