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I would like to take a moment to offer some feedback relating to my experiences at your facility and my overall satisfaction with the ‘The Fitness Firm”.
My initial desire to invest some time in my overall health has been very rewarding experience, from the initial fitness consultation with Diana coupled with the exercise outlined for me, and the expert guidance provided when I attend. The degree of knowledge, and personal attention I receive from staff is outstanding and keeps me motivated to come back. It goes without saying that my trips are enhanced by the ease of access to your facility. From the one on one attention, to the various classes I’ve attended, the experience has been exceptional.
Keep up the great work.

June Pattinson

Megg encourages me and motivates me to try anything and everything. She helps me set my bar higher while respecting my limits. The added humour adds a layer of fun when I want to give up.
There will be moments of “ugh” and days when washing my hair isn’t an option, but thank you I look forward to the journey

Deb Hammond

“When I first came into the Fitness Firm and met Matt Banks I was an injured runner and not running at all. Matt started putting me through rehabilitation training and I learned that my injuries were due to years of improper stretching and lack of inner core strength. I have recovered and am running again however, I still continue to see Matt twice a week for personal training. Matt has been nothing less than an inspiration and an outstanding motivator for me. Through his guidance I am performing stretches and exercises that I never thought I was capable of doing. I am better and stronger than ever.”

Len Cicero

“With the knowledge, guidance and support Kerri Sherk provides, I have managed to lose 22lbs. (210-188lbs). Most of all, I have managed to keep the weight off and maintain a regular schedule of nutrition and gym attendance. Discipline and consistency are the two most important tools needed to achieve your fitness goals, and thanks to Kerri I finally see the light.”


Brian D. Smith (Residential& Commercial Painting Services)

“I had not been working out forabout six months. Diana called and encouraged me to come in and get back at it! She motivates and pushes me to do more than I thought I was capable of doing all while taking consideration of my physical limitations. Now I am back at it and feel great.”


David Whale

I’m 61 years old and my goal for training was to stay in good enough shape to continue to play hockey.

I started training with Mike about two years ago. His maturity and experience paid off in my workouts, including, safely working around a foot injury from hockey. The workouts are great and the hour seems to fly by since we always find interesting things to talk about between exercise sets. I’ve gained muscle, especially my upper body, and lost fat (around my waist).

As a result of my training, I am still successfully playing hockey with a generally younger group of players. I also play with my son in the Wave hockey league where the players are at least 20 years younger. We just had a party at a team member’s cottage to celebrate the winter hockey season, and I over heard one of the younger guys say “I hope I look like him when I’m 60”!


John MacInnis

I started training with Greg this past summer after a year of being unable to workout due to a torn rotator cuff. With his guidance and motivation I’ve gained strength back in my upper body and learned proper techniques to avoid further injury to my shoulder.
Greg also helped me to improve my diet and helped me to find a consistent workout schedule while I’m back at school.  I have lost 40 lbs and many inches since meeting Greg back in  August.  Greg’s calm but confident approach to training is very encouraging and uplifting. Thank you Greg.

Taylor Clarke


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