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 Nutrition is an essential part of overall health and wellness – exercise and eating smart go hand in hand. We, at The Fitness Firm believe that balance and variety are key to a lasting nutritional health plan. There will always be a new diet trend — but long term results come with maintaining a reasonable and practical approach that fits your lifestyle, budget, and goals. Our step by step program is customized to address specific dietary issues so that you can see and enjoy the results while developing a healthy relationship with food and meal planning.

Kerri Sherk, RD

Kerri Sherk is co-owner of The Fitness Firm and has been bringing her experience as a registered dietitian to clients since 1998.  Her practice focuses on weight management; she has assisted hundreds of people in finding their natural, healthy, sustainable weight.  Through one-on-one assessment, Kerri develops customized, affordable meal plans and ongoing nutrition counseling and support. As a mother of four, she also specializes in family meal planning to extend wellness and balance to today’s time-stretched families.  

With each client, Kerri shares her motto that it takes patience, persistence, and consistency to reach one’s goals and enjoy the benefits – for a lifetime.

As a certified yoga instructor, Kerri believes that finding balance in all aspects of life leads to overall wellness through mind, body and spirit.


Bachelor in Science in Nutritional Sciences
McGill University 1998
Member of Dietitians of Canada and the College of Dietitians of Ontario
Registered Dietitian (RD) 1998
Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500 hrs) 2014
Ayurveda Practitioner Training level 1 Food, Breath and Sound (50 hrs) 2014



Nutritional Counseling Fees:

  • One hour $100
  • Half hour $50
  • 1/4 hour $25


Check your extended health care benefits to see if you are eligible for services with a registered dietitian. 



“With the knowledge, guidance and support Kerri Sherk provides, I have managed to lose 22lbs. (210-188lbs). Most of all, I have managed to keep the weight off and maintain a regular schedule of nutrition and gym attendance. Discipline and consistency are the two most important tools needed to achieve your fitness goals, and thanks to Kerri I finally see the light.”


Brian D. Smith (Residential& Commercial Painting Services)

“I am happy to write a testimonial about Kerri Sherk, Registered Dietitian, Yoga Instructor and fitness director of The Fitness Firm.

Over the years, I have searched to find a person who could help me meet my diet and fitness needs and I have met with many people in the health and fitness related industry. Kerri offered a new approach. Specifically, her genuine, positive and supportive attitude stood out to me and she developed an individual plan that was right for me. She listened to what I had to say and incorporated my specific needs into a nutrition and exercise plan.

In the past, I have been on restricted diets and health routines but I never stuck to them. I was hungry and exhausted. I met some goals short term but long term I could not sustain the plan. I regained the weight and abandoned exercise. Then I would start again and the whole cycle would repeat.

Kerri has given me a life plan for food, exercise, and overall health. It is sustainable. I am not hungry. I don’t have cravings! In the past, I didn’t know if I was hungry, tired, or stressed. Meeting with Kerri for weigh ins, talks and review of my food diary helped me to know what is happening in my body. She is very motivating and there was no shame! I have even been on vacation and can make good choices while still enjoying a special treat.”


After gaining and losing weight most of my life, I decided 3 years ago to make a change. I found Kerri online and decided I would try a Dietician. Kerri was great, she was realistic and provided me with food plan ideas that were all about real food, not just expensive pills or vitamins, and was there for guidance whenever I needed it. With her help, I lost 30 lbs and have kept it off for 2.5 years”

Michelle Robb


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